Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot get a location from my asset.

The device may not be able to provide a location should the asset be in an area with poor GSM coverage, such areas can be underground car parks, multi storey carparks and regional areas. The device may also be unable to respond to a location or status request in the event the unit has lost a power connection, this may occur if the vehicle experiences a power spike and the fuse of damaged or the system is tampered with. Please contact our Customer Service Officers to register a service job should this occur.


The location my asset is providing is wrong.

The device may provide an incorrect location in the event the GPS signal is weak or the signal is interfered with the co-ordinates may be incorrect. Some common examples of interference are garages and covered carparks, in particular metal rooves cause a redirection of the GPS signal. Should this occur please allow the asset to rest for 10 minutes and try the location again. Should the issue persist please contact our Customer Service Officers


What do I get with my TTC Protect Asset Recovery Solution?

The TTC Protect Asset Recovery Solution provides life time asset recovery in the event of a theft. Upon confirmation of the police event number you will be provided with live online tracking details and our QRC staff will liaise direct with the local authority to help recover your asset. You also include 24 months FREE system service and maintenance.


I have not received any account or activation information.

The TTC Protect Asset Recovery Solution is completely automated and all activations are emailed to the nominated address. As a generic email address is used some spam filters may collect the email before it reaches your inbox. Please check your junk/ Spam folder. In the event you are unable to find it please contact our staff with your vehicle registration number and the name it was activated under.


Can I upgrade to live tracking or alarm monitoring? Do I need to do it straight away?

Yes, your TTC Protect asset recovery solution can be upgraded to live tracking. Please contact our Customer Service Officers to discuss this option and receive a great discount. To take advantage of our special discounts you will need to upgrade your device within the first 12 months, however the device can be upgraded at any time.


Can I swap my device from live tracking to TTC Protect? If so, does it have a cost?

Not all devices are compatible with the TTC Protect Asset Recovery Solution. To determine if your device is compatible please contact our Customer Service Officers to discuss further. Should the device be compatible you will be required to pay an annual subscription of $99.00.


How can I cancel my service?

All cancellations are required in writing. Please include your complete account details and email Upon cancellation you will be provided written confirmation. Please note once a device has been cancelled for longer than 30 days the associated SIM will be cancelled and a technician will be required to visit the asset should you wish to reactivate the service in the future. If you wish to suspend your service for a period of time please contact our Customer Service staff

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